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If you have a desire to invest in sure profit and are interested to find out how to make some extra money online, oddarbs.com is the place where your journey ends. Here you will find everything for sports arbitrage betting and how to turn gambling into investing. Even if you don't like betting you will find the information in oddarbs.com very useful.

What is Sports Arbitrage

Sports Arbitrage explained with few words means to bet on all outcomes on two competing bookmakers and get profit no matter the outcome.A quick example to understand how easy is arbitrage betting is match Liverpool vs Chelsea. At a given moment there is an odd differential between the two competing bookmakers and OddStorm software catch these moments. In our example the outcomes are as it follows:

1) 1-st outcome: bet on Liverpool to win (1) at 3.5 odds in Bet365
2) 2-nd outcome: bet on Chelsea to win or the match to be Draw (X2) at 1.5 odds in Pinnacle

Now the question is how much you have to bet on these outcomes, but don't worry! OddStorm has a surebet calculator that calculates automatically everything for you. In this case, you will have to place €100x3.5 and €233.33x1.5. At the end, no matter who wins you will win 5% profit. Let's calculate:

1) If Chelsea wins you will win 350€ at Bet365 and will lose 233.33€ at Pinnacle. Your profit will be 350(profit)-233.33(losses)-100(bet)=16.67€
2) If Liverpool win or the match is Draw you will win 350€ at Pinnacle and will lose 100€ at Bet365. Your profit will be again 350(profit)-233.33(bet)-100(losses)=16.67€

As you can see regardless the result of the match you will always be a winner! These opportunities arise thousands of times a day and OddStorm software catch all of them for you. They also have unique auto navigation that leads you straight to the betting event page only with a single click. Your job is to enter the amount and bet. This surebet software is really simple and easy to use and it is the fastest on the market since 2006.

Speed is the most important requirement in sports arbitrage betting because these opportunities exist from few seconds to few minutes and you have to be fast. OddStorm delivers the surebets every 1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch. You will see the surebets before the users of other arbitrage betting services even know for it's existence.

Get best knowledge

Arbitrage Betting is 100% legal and thousands of people are taking advantage of it. So if you have a desire to invest in sure profit, there is nothing to stop you. The best place to start from is at the sports arbitrage training center Arbitrage Guides from where most of the current professional arbitrage bettors have started their career. Arbitrage Guides is online sports arbitrage training course where you will learn everything for sports arbitrage betting and how to use the fastest odds delivery service OddStorm. All this is explained in details with many video tutorials and actual examples.

OddArbs.com team wish you good luck and may the odds be ever in you favor!

Learn more for Sports Arbitrage Betting

Surebet Software

Quick introduction to the Sports Arbitrage Betting world of OddStorm!

Surebet Navigation

Discover how the unique surebet navigation (auto surf) will work for you!

Choose Surebet Software

This is the most important part in your sucessfull arbing career. All the arbitrage bettors using different services are competitors between each other, so choosing the best service will get you one step ahead your competitors and will guarantee you sure profit. Choose smart or waste your money!

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Surebets ROI (profit)

Your profit from betting on sports arbitrages depends of what investment you are ready to make. As heavier your bank account is, as bigger profit you will get. It depends of combination on which sports are you betting, is it for Inplay or PreMatch and how often are you placing surebets.

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Risks in Arbitrage Betting

The main risks in sports arbitrage betting are few and are totaly preventable. Risks like limitations from bookmakers, "bet cancellations", "moving odds" or "technical errors" are the main ones. Spending some time to learn how to avoid them will definitely save your money.

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Surebet Calculator

The surebet calculator is simple tool used to calculate how much you have to bet on all the outcomes. It is necessary as the businessman needs to calculate the risk before investing. To become a successful arbitrage bettor, the surebet calculator must be one of your irreplaceable advisors.

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Surebet Navigation

The surebet navigation will get you straight to the betting event page with a single click and you will have to do is click "bet". It won't be necessary to search for the event manually. It will do it all for you, and will happen faster. It is wonderfull tool that will make your arbing experience much easier.

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Learning time

This is strongly individual for each one of you, because you might, or might be not familliar with anything in betting on sports. For beginners it usually takes about one month to become professional sports arbitrage bettor, but it always depends of the dedication of the student.

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Sports Arbitrage Betting E-Book

Complete Version

From the Complete Version of the e-book you will learn all the important tricks and hints for successful sports arbitrage betting. What are the risks, how to avoid them, best practises in arbitrage betting and much more. Simple said - you will learn how to make a lot of money for less time with less loses!

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Arbitrage Guides

Free Version

From the Free Version of the e-book will learn the basics in Sports Arbitrage Betting. It cover aspects like what is sports arbitrage, how it works, why isn't everybody doing it and etc. It includes the first things you need to know before starting your arbing career. This e-book will get you deeper in the world of sports arbitrage business - for Free!
Get both e-books by contacting us at support@arbitrageguides.com. If you are interested we will give you complete details for the books and how to get them.

Free Sports Arbitrage E-Book Content

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