Monthly profit from Sports Arbitrage Betting

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This is one of the first questions that appears on my mind when I am about to invest my money in something and am pretty sure that it is the same for you. As we know placing surebets is not gambling, it’s an investment, so we should look at it this way. So let’s get back to the question and answer what is the monthly profit from sure bets that we can expect.

The monthly profit depends on few major things:

  • what is your bankroll
  • with how big stakes you will bet and how often you will place arbitrages
  • are you betting on InPlay or PreMatch
  • what are the costs

What should be my bankroll in order to earn a lot of money from sports arbitrage betting?

The answer is simple – as bigger bankroll you have as easiest will be for you to earn more money. The reason is that you will need to distribute your money into different bookmaker accounts. As you already know when you place arbitrage, you win on one bookmaker but are losing at another bookmaker at the same time. It often happens to win only in Bookmaker "A" and lose in Bookmaker "B" and then you will need to fund again Bookmaker "B" in order to keep the balance. If your bankroll is big you can spend time transferring money and bet with higher stakes more often which will lead to more profit from each surebet.

How often should I place surebets and with how big stakes?

As mentioned above, you need higher bankroll in order to place sure bets more often and with bigger stakes. If the profit from one surebet is 10% you will definitely prefer to get 10% from 1000 euro (your stakes) instead of 10% from 100 euro. And the more often you do it the more money you will win.

Should I bet on future or live sports events?

This is maybe the most important part of the answer about the ROI (return of investment). If you bet on future events you will definitely need bigger bankroll. The reason is that when you place the surebet you will have to wait until the end of the event to get your profit. This could last from few minutes to few weeks. It depends on the date of the event. If you are betting on live events you can afford smaller bankroll because you are returning your money almost instantly. Usually, the percent of profit for PreMatch surebets is from 2% to 5% and the percent of profit from InPlay surebets is from 5% to 15%. So that’s why this is the most important choice you have to make before calculating how much money you will need and how big profit you can get.

What are the costs in sports arbitrage betting?

There are few things you must have in mind when you are calculating your profit. The first one is the subscription fee for the surebet service and the second one is the bank taxes and the commission rates (only if you are betting on exchanges).


If you are a beginner we suggest you to start with PreMatch and bankroll of 300-600 euro, placing stakes from 10 to 20 euro on bookmaker. You won’t earn a lot of money this way, but you will get experience and can move to higher stakes later. If you want to make a lot of money, InPlay is the only way but there everything is really dynamic and must be fast and careful. The best practice to earn a lot of money from InPlay is to use the surebet auto surf navigation. Best practices and many examples and useful information you can find in the complete course of the only online arbitrage training program.

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