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Recommended Surebets Software

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OddArbs team have tried all the surebets services / softwares and we decided to make an interview with the best one of them - OddStorm. In the interview below you will find out why we think it is the best sports arbitrage service, what are advantages and disadvantages, compared with other sure bets services and much more. All this will help you make the right choice and start your arbing career in the best way. OddArbs wish you happy reading.

Tell us about your beginnings. How did the idea for OddStorm begin? Creator background/story?

The fastest sports arbitrage delivery service “OddStorm” was officially announced to the world in 2006 by an old school developer – Chavdar Kopoev. But the story for OddStorm begins earlier in 2004. Chavdar has made a simple sure bets platform, without any special interface or design and it was all made only for personal use. In these years, bookmakers didn’t know for the existence of the sports arbitrage services and Chavdar was free to bet as much as he wants and there was no competition, so he had enough time to place the bets and there was no need to rush. As you can imagine this was really profitable, but as every business it takes too much time and when you have family you need to find enough time for it, so this is how the idea for OddStorm first was created. Chavdar decided to recreate the software with more customer-friendly design and share it with the world. And from this moment to now, every day he is improving its functionalities and design to make it perfect for the customers and to keep it to the top of the arbitrage softwares.

How many customers does Oddstorm currently have?

From 2006 until now more than 70 000 customers have tried OddStorm, but currently, less than two hundred people are regular customers that purchase subscription each month. There are hundreds of people that purchase weekly subscriptions just to make some pocket money, but we can’t say they are our regular customers.

The concept of arbitrage has been around for a while, why do you think people prefer to gamble instead of investing with their bets, even when the software hedges their losses?

There is a difference between gambling and investing. You should look on OddStorm software as an investment tool. Of course there is a risk, but this don’t make it gambling because as every investment there is small or big chance to lose or win a lot of money. We work with fixed numbers and percents and it is up to you if you are going to win or lose money. You know how much and where to invest your money and what profit to expect and the results will depend only on your skills, not the skills of the football players or someone/something else. The gamblers are a different kind of people that like to take big risk to win easy money. With our software you are taking a small risk to win a lot of money, but it is harder to bet through our software instead of just go and place bets on the bookmaker. This is why the forex traders are more likely to use our software instead of the gamblers. The forex traders are used to make money with less risk, but in the hard way instead of eventually make money with big risk by the easy way as gamblers do.

What is the average profit margin of your customer base? Do some make most than others based on experience or time dedication?

Usually, the average profit is about 8% to 13% per month for PreMatch, but let’s say it is 10%. It is up to you how often and how much you want to bet because as often you bet as bigger earnings you will get.

For the advanced bettors on InPlay the situation is different. The average % of returning is about 15%-25% and if we say that you have 3 000€ in your bankroll if you are playing 1-2 hours a day and more time at the weekends you can expect about 1000€ profit per month or maybe more. It depends on with how big stakes you are betting and how often.

With InPlay betting, you don’t have to wait hours or days to gather your efforts. You are doing it every few minutes and that’s why you can make even twice the money you got in your bankroll.

The professional arbitrage bettors that are living this way, usually have bankrolls with about 20 000€ and their earnings are more than 8 000€ per month, but they are doing this from a long time and have huge experience (2-3 years).

So if you are strong minded and persistent with desire to invest in sure profit and to learn this profession it could be really profitable.

There is even a special training program for sports arbitrage betting where all the required information to succeed in arbitrage betting is gathered in one online course. There you will find everything for sports arbitrage betting and how to use OddStorm. All this with many actual examples and video tutorials. If you want to start arbing, Arbitrage Guides is the best place to start from.

Can arbitrage really be 100% profitable, the site mentions there are some risks, what are they? Is the risk mostly involved in getting banned from betting sites with your account frozen or is there some other type of risk of failing?

Nothing is 100% risk-free in this world and sports arbing is one of them. It always could happen something that will make your days worst. But as we say “Before the pencil was discovered the rubber was discovered first”. So don’t worry, even if there is a chance for something to ruin your arbitrage career there will always be a way to avoid or decrease this chance and we know exactly what it is.

Here are the main things that could go wrong and there is a way to avoid all of them, described in OddStorm training program Arbitrage Guides.

  • Bet cancelation / Obvious error
  • Limitation
  • Moving odds
  • Technical error

What is the most common mistake done with arbitrage?

In the beginning, all the new arbitrage investors should be careful not to make obvious errors and technical errors. Sometimes, bookmakers make a lot of interesting errors which leads to very large and unrealistic surebets. It can happen due wrong displayed odds. You must learn to recognize these wrong surebts and not placing it.

Another often mistake made by beginners is the technical error - This is the mistake that you could make by not being focused. For example to bet on bookmaker “A” and when it comes time to bet on bookmaker “B” to realize that you don’t have enough stakes on bookmaker “B” to cover the bet. So you should spend some time and learn how everything works before getting into it.

There is some learning to be done with arbitrage, but is it basic knowledge or those it require the development of complex skills?

It is not that simple, but it is neither that hard to become a successful sports arbitrage bettor. But even if you are already a professional gambler or forex trader you better spend some time learning the tricks in sports arbitrage betting. It is not impossible to start on your own as we did, but it will be better to learn from our mistakes instead of making the same and it will spend you time and money. So it will take you few days to learn the basics and the rest depends on you. You can’t be good at everything so maybe arbitrage betting isn’t for you, or maybe is? You don’t need any professional skills it is just if you are made for it or not.

What is the key for being successful with arbitrage? Is there a key aspect of learning, or is It mostly emotional control to take the right decisions?

The key to become a successful arbitrage player is in the dedication and focus. It is hard in the beginning and you have to spend some time to learn how it works and practice what you have learned. Once you get used to it there is nothing else to bother you. You can’t take the right decisions all the time so you must be strong minded and be ready to lose some money and that shouldn’t encourage you or push you to make forced and bad decisions. Everybody make mistakes but with the time you will learn how to set them to the minimum so even if you lose some money, come down, take a rest, think what was the reason for this to happen and move on without making the same mistake. This is the key to success.

Why is OddStorm different or preferable from other arbitrage services out there?

Compared with other alert services the main advantage of OddStorm is that we also support InPlay which is the main way to make a lot of money and it is preferred by the professional arbitrage players and some of the services support only PreMatch which is for beginners.

OddStorm has the fastest sure bets delivery (1-3 seconds for InPlay and 15 seconds for PreMatch) from all the arbitrage services and this is one of the main reasons for most of the professional arbitrage players to choose us instead of our competitors.

If you wonder why the reason is that the speed is very important in arbitrage betting. With our service, you will see the arbitrage situations before the users of other arbitrage services even know for its existence. This will get you one big step before all others. It is also decreasing the number of the false sure bets, because if the odds are delivered slowly you will see arbitrage situations that don’t exist anymore and you will make a negative bet. As we said we are the service that refreshes its odds two-three times faster than the other services and you definitely should take advantage of it.

We also have Web and Desktop App, both with same functionalities and speed. This way you could choose which one is more comfortable for you to use.

OddStorm has training program with video lessons how to place bets and articles for everything you need to know for sports arbitrage betting with actual examples for most of the situations that you can meet during your betting experience.

OddStorm also has a surebets auto navigation (autosurf) which leads you straight to the betting event page with a single click and all you have to do is click “bet”. It could be used from different virtual machines and this makes it perfect for Arbitrage Bettors. No other service has such navigation. You can read more here: surebets autosurf.

OddStorm also is the only service that have bypassed the anti-scanning securty of the bookmaker Tempobet. No other service have suceded, so this is one more proof of the high qualified team behind OddStorm software.

The main disadvantage of OddStorm is that it supports only soccer, but this will change in 01.04.2016 when we will add more sports like Tennis and Basketball.

Our service might not have a shiny design like the other services has, but it is because we are trying to make it look as simple as it is possible, without any extra effects or colors. We believe this is also making our service easier to use and more customer-friendly.

And final, but not in final place we have InPlay, PreMatch, Middles and Polish Middles sure bets which is also one of our main advantages, because most of the services supports only few or one of them. With OddStorm, you can take advantage from all of them!

What will the future bring for Oddstorm and its users?

New sports like Tennis and Basketball will be added along with new bookmakers.

The next step is to add betting exchanges and then more sports, markets and bookmakers.

We are receiving many requests for new filters, bookmakers and etc. all the time and will keep working and giving the best we can until we please all the needs of our customers.

Our customer support works 24/7 so if our customers need any help, we will be always there to help them.

OddStorm is expecting you! Lets turn gambling into profitable investment together!

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